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You do not get the formal resume here, because those tend to be boring and don’t tell you much about who the person really is.  If you feel a need to review those details, just ask and I will send a copy via e-mail.  I am happily married to Barbara, my wife of over 25 years, and we have two beautiful grown daughters.  I love my family, and I’m very grateful for all of their love and support.

I began my career as a street cop in Dallas, Texas in 1978.  My assigned area was East Dallas, which at the time was one of the more demanding and active areas of the city for a police officer.  It would have been hard for you to find a cop more naïve and clueless about how the real world worked than I was at that age.  But I had lots of good teachers and worked with countless experienced officers who helped me learn and grow.  They not only taught me how to survive, but also how to excel.  I went on to many other assignments and some promotions over the next 20 years, which gave me experience in investigations, management, public relations, and politics.

After law enforcement I was a sole-proprietor small business owner for several years.  I learned what it’s like to be exhausted from working long hours to get a project done because there is nobody there to help.  I know how it feels when you don’t know where the next client is coming from -- or when.  I’ve wondered whether I should spend the money for the latest equipment, software and training…and whether I could afford not to.  In spite of all the challenges and problems, I enjoyed being my own boss for the first time in my life.  My business grew to the point where I needed to either hire some help or start turning away business.  It was time for a change in plan.

I was working on a new plan to expand my business I was approached by a large international firm, who was just starting to develop an e-discovery/forensics practice.  They asked me to join them.  I had a choice between expanding my small business or being part of something much bigger and even more exciting.  After a lot of thought and many discussions with Barbara, we decided to make the change.  The next few years involved even more work and now a lot of international travel as well.  Our practice was involved in very large litigation cases all over the world on a scale that I could have never handled as a small business.  Once again, I was lucky to work with a lot of experienced and gifted experts, who taught me even more about investigations and management.

I have been lucky to see the world of investigations from many perspectives and in different roles.  One day, a friend suggested that my experience could make things easier for other investigators by passing along the lessons I had learned the hard way.  That day, the concept for Investigations MD was born, and I have worked very hard since then to create my Power Up Your Practice Coaching programs. 

The only goal of Investigations MD is to make you successful – however you define success.  I will work hard to give you any information that I think might help you along the way.

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Who I Work With

I am very selective of the clients I choose to work with – and I hope you are, too.  That is why the very first thing I do is to have a free introduction phone call.  It doesn’t take very long, and after we talk about your vision and the issues you would like to address we can each decide if there is a good fit for moving forward.

If you aren’t motivated or willing to make the effort to change and improve your life or career, then it would be a waste of your time and mine to even have the introduction call. If you expect these programs to solve your problems for you, with no significant effort on your part, then you are on the wrong page.  After the introduction call, if I don’t feel that I am the right person to work with you, I will happily suggest other resources that might be a better fit for your situation.

The Power Up Your Practice coaching programs are not one-way relationships where you hire a business consultant to come in and tell you what needs to be done differently.  My programs are designed to help you review how you have been doing business and develop new ideas and processes that can help you first find your purpose, and then to reach your goals. 

What is the difference between “purpose” and “goals”?  Your purpose is the “why” you do what you do.  What is the real reason you are an investigator?  Is it to provide for your family?  To be able to afford to send your kids to college?  To be able to save for retirement?  Because of the personal satisfaction that a completed case gives you?  All of the above?  Defining your purpose is important, because that is how you are really motivated.  Unless you understand your purpose, setting goals is really not very useful or productive.

The programs demand a lot of thought and work from you, because only you will know what you really want out of life and what will make you happy or professionally satisfied.  The process and the results are different for each person or firm.  There is no “cookie-cutter” template where you can fill in the blanks and have a successful business.  If there were then you would not be reading these words now.

If you are ready to discover your own possibilities, or to learn how to take advantage of new opportunities to grow your business, then go to our Services page and get more details about our programs.

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