I know how hard a job in the world of investigations can be.  We have all been challenged and frustrated while putting the facts of an investigative puzzle together, while working within limitations created by law, the interpretation of case law by the courts, as well as our own procedures and “best practices”.  Changes in technology (which is growing at an exponential rate) and the resulting globalization of crime are making our jobs even more difficult.   The old systems of law based on geographical boundaries, and even some of our revered “best practices” aren’t working so well anymore.

I believe that we need to start working on a new vision of the future for the investigations profession.  If we can’t find a way to grow our capabilities to keep pace with these global changes, then we may be left behind.  We need to develop new business models – perhaps virtual business entities – along with new practices and procedures that can meet these challenges and beat them.  We must recognize the new business and professional opportunities created by these changes, plan for them and start taking action.

In looking back over my career I noticed a gap in resources available to help investigators.  There are lots of organizations that have done a fabulous job helping investigators improve the knowledge, skills and abilities to get the job done.  But there are not many resources to help with marketing and management of investigations practices.  I created Investigations MD in an attempt to provide those resources and bridge that gap.  

I want to use my experience as an investigator, business owner, and manager to help other investigators.  I will not try to make you a better investigator…there are plenty of organizations out there already doing that very well.  I provide coaching and other services to help you get where you want to go in your practice or in your career -- whether that be improving your client relationships, attracting new clients, increasing your visibility, growing your practice, developing a business plan, or enhancing your time management skills.  I know how hard your job is…I’ve done it.  I want to help you reach your goals and be happier.  We will also talk about quality of life issues, because all of this has a part in your decision about how you want to develop and “Power Up!” your practice.

The definition of “success” is different for everybody, just as a doctor prescribes different treatments for different patients -- they don’t all need the same prescription.  My goal and philosophy for Investigations MD is to help you find the right prescription for your success…whatever that may be.

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