Public Speaking

I have given over 100 presentations on many topics related to investigations and technology, and can be available to speak to your seminars and conferences.  Please contact me by e-mail or telephone to discuss your specific needs or interests.

To give you an idea about the things I think and speak about…

  • How to Power Up Your Investigations Practice
  • Why Law Enforcement Can’t Keep Up With High-Tech Crime
  • The Evolution of Digital Evidence Forensics
  • High-Tech Corporate Espionage
  • Investigating on the Internet
  • Privacy Issues in the Information Age
  • Internet Fraud
  • Why the Internet Has Made Current International Law Obsolete
  • Are We Prepared For The New Techno-Terrorism War
  • What You Need to Know Before Creating a Digital Forensics Practice
  • Digital Forensics Has Gone Mobile!
  • The Internet and the Globalization of Fraud:  The New Investigative Challenges of Cloud Computing, Virtual Reality and Virtual Currencies
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